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Re-discover yourself and your passion

Be obsessed, become a passionate hustle with architecture, with your professional and personal life. Don’t stop to when you reach your first goal, target the second, third, fourth and so on. The real life is unfair for many people out there, so what? Don’t give up, the life continuous to what it is, nothing less and nothing more. You have to be 24/7 working-machine in your life. Stop wasting your time with things that bring you down such as negative people around you, specially some members of your families and close friends. Get rid of them ASAP, then start to bring people that really has value. Value of life, business, friendship, people has the same goals and targets you might have. Always, think big, with your dreams, goals, family, friends. Be above of average, be elevated yourself in any aspects of your life and your surroundings.

You as architects, as entrepreneurs, in the twenty first century, need to feel the urgency of re-discover your passion and interest to do what you love. The passion that drives you to succeed in your profession, in your life. This passion the fuel of your spirit and imagination to seek out new ways to create and build the most profound ultimate and suitable human shelters and spaces. The Architecture is a very powerful vehicle that help to bring your best creativity ideas to the reality. By articulating your own exceptional creations, you can build your equivalent between your ideas and the world in which you live.

To provide services to others, it is perhaps the most significant thing to do for any profession or occupation. For urban designers, architects, landscape architects and alike other professionals serve must be the first reason as entity of the community. A good definition is “to perform duties or services for individual or business.” Most of the people you may serve as clients want to appreciate what you can do for their business or situation. No matter how difficult the challenges looks like, every element is important to complete any puzzle successfully. To get there and makes the project successful, the passion must be the driven component for any architect in this century. It is not enough knowledge and skills when your passion and obsession are not present in the maximum expression of human behavior.

As I always say, the passion and obsession are not the same as “perfectionist”. A good definition for perfectionist is “a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection”. Any profession, including the architects should walk away for this behavior since this is impossible to reach. This mental status of perfectionists is living in the “ego of emptiness” nothing more, nothing less. Architects need to reach the obsession of knowledge, skills, understanding, hardworking to be elevated themselves from mediocrity, no the mental status of perfection. So, no matter what you are doing in your career, do the best you can with the skills and ability you possess to learn more and more all you can get until it becomes naturally in you. After you reach this moment, then you can serve the society in better position with dignity and goodness. Always trying to be yourself, be professional with passion and dedication. I believe from the bottom of my heart, that your purpose of life, your passion, is something you interact with so much love and compassion that would do it for free.

Please allow me to show you some of the tips to learn how to become a Real Entrepreneur, a real deal. You can get this information in my book: “Architects as Money Maker”. To become an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and dedication along with discipline of the mindset person or entity. It is true, there is not business-startup fairy who miraculously gives success on any type businesses. Most effective people as entrepreneurs follow similar outlines or footsteps and share parallel fundamental characteristics in their behavior. Many digital, articles, and available books in the market entitlement to show the undisclosed of success in small business or deals, but they just refer to the same things. As I mentioned before, passion and obsession must be driven in your career along with determination and a confident attitude incline to set successful business person apart. Refining these qualities requires a distinctive skill set and gut to get started.

Most of the architects most to understand, grasp, and incorporate those things in their professional life, seek out your entrepreneur skills:

1.Whatever you do as Entrepreneur, love it.

Obsession, passion, and serve others are the most important things to do. Also, keeping a business plan and tactic rolling, with none stop. A mediocrity thinking in an entrepreneurial endeavor will keep away to get the level of succeed. In bottom line, “Love what you do and do what you love”. Disregard negative and pessimistic voices and do not listen to people who says you are not capable to do it, you are not good at it or you will not make it, don’t listen and spend time with people with this type of attitude and mentality. Do what you want, what you love with passion and integrity.

2. Dream big and taking little steps.

There are some qualify stories all around us a bout success people who put everything in one basket and came out very well in the end in short period of time, but those are occasional and no common. A good administration and management in any startup are a fundamental aspect in any new business. You can get losses more manageable if you take smaller risks in the start. The information you can get from those experiences provide important and productive educations for future business endeavors. As Robert Kiyosaki says. “You have to fail faster and responsible, to get smarter”. You must dream big, set your goals highest as possible, for reachable. You cannot dream to become God, it is impossible but trying to get close as you can to the main source. Dreaming as an architect can be huge challenge for any young person in the early stages of his or her career but when it comes the time to translate the dream phase to an action phase, having a right coach or teacher can help to success in your career and later as entrepreneur. A connection with a great coach should method to pursue, I believe it is important thing to have in your career. Concentrate in your dreams and find provisions within your mentor to success in business level as well. A great mentor will guide you step by step until you get the place you need to be.

3. Study and learn from other entrepreneurs.

Great entrepreneurs frequently worked in the early stage for others successful people in their area before moving to the next level on their own. Studying and learning for a few periods of time in the area under a very good coach will provide an excellent introduction in the entrepreneur endeavors. Learn from mistakes of mentor’s experiences about how to expand and grow businesses, it is essential knowledge that any architect should have. The ultimate goals for many architects is teaching others coming after or behind them to become entrepreneurs.

Study history about entrepreneurs give you a key of how to success in the future, understanding the parameters of business, you’ll be able to grasp and implement similar procedures with mentality of successful minds. Moreover, I believe understanding the past you can predict the future. If we can predict the future, then you can be better preparing for near future outcomes.

4. Branding, Marketing yourself.

To be very good in the business, we must to recognize what we are selling to be able to sell ourselves effectively, no doubt. It is imperative that we comprehend what makes us exceptional and how to interconnect with others. Thinking one way to describe: The brand of your name, what would your brand name or company tells about you and your business? Marketing business is frequently seen as a selling behavior, but it is at the center of every successful entrepreneurship. Right now, business environment is more challenging than ever and there are many entrepreneurs in the market place contending for the best business opportunities available. How can you take yourself aside from the others, and guarantee that you can success in your business endeavors?

Architects need to think and act as a great effective seller who knows how to place her or his professional services and promote all the goodness that are important to the needs of the client. Similarly, to close the deal and wow the client, you need to develop on the benefits of the professional services: work experience, your assets, specific and general knowledge, contact network, skills, capabilities, and past successes. Contacting and Networking continuously with other business professionals. Appear different social networking, seminars, and business events to growth your background, and pay attention actively to these communities by sharing your success experiences.

5. Always keep moving.

Business people are movers and love to be in different places. They love to experiment different environments and people. They don’t’ have the time to examine every possible detail or they won’t be the place they want to be. However, architects love the complexities of details in their projects. One thing is the details in the design and other thing is the time to spend in business structures. They like to challenge themselves with very complicate details, just to show the capacity of their creativity, nothing more than the satisfaction of their ego. Architects shouldn’t have a physical address, such a “555 skylight Avenue”. Architects should always be errand, looking for business opportunities, something to create, to design, to build, something to touch and transform. No matter the location, country or place, architects need to act as “errand obsessed entrepreneur”, with thirsty of more. Settle is not good, is not healthy, moving should be the motivation to seek out new architectural opportunities around you and broad. Moving force you to act to burn energy to produce a result. Entrepreneur knows that very well and applies it to every day routine.

6. Develop a plan with and stick with it.

Study about successful entrepreneurs. Incorporate in the prosperity of wisdom that is been provided by successful business people such as Mark Cuban and the characters from Shark Tank. An effective business plan does not have to be perfect. A short business plan can be amazing and all you need to start. Architects need to focus to create a good business plan. A plan which has multiple levels of goals. Those levels of goals should establish based on you desires. In bottom line, the plan for any architects as entrepreneur is to increase your income through businesses or professional services.

7. It is never too late to initiate a business

Having multiple experiences in business climate that come with age can provide you an exclusive viewpoint on your business. Career and business practices bring depth that the most people. I believe that it is never too late to start any business or career, to be successful doesn’t have age, gender, color or nationality. We shouldn’t be afraid to fail, we must fail to get success in life, you cannot learn to ride a bike if you don’t fail multiple times. In architectural not much different, you have make mistake and error to learn, you must learn from your mistake and do better the next time. If you “fell once, get up twice”.

9. Build your "A team".

Looking the ability sets that funding the culture of the product or services you want to encourage in your business. the innovation and enhance your reputation. Include and surround with individuals smarter than you. Bring people you can rely on. Bring winners to your team, such as accountants, lawyers, finance planners, real estate agents, engineers, contractors, investors, lenders, etc. Build the A team to support your ideas, your plans. A solo practitioner won’t success so easy in the twenty first century. “Whoever has the better team, may success faster”. You are competing with many businesses with great team behind, you must place the same rules of the rich. You must be patience and build you team little by little. More resources you can count better team you can afford.


At last, be always passionate and obsessed what you love to do as entrepreneur, many of you love to design or draft in BIM tools many others love to deal with construction management or teach at school. Whatever is passion, you can do it as entrepreneur, as business person. You can be profitable along doing what you love the most, produce money, attract much more must be your main goal, no matter which specific area in the industry you are. It is the same rule for any human being. As entrepreneur, your first step is get a job or multiple jobs to get steady income for short period of time. Second, you must save, save, and save at least 40% of you net income, no matter what is your circumstances right now, you must to set a secret account and put away this 40% on the bank, then when you get educated properly in good debt and taxes in the area you want to invest or performance such as real estate then you can jump to do whatever takes to get revenue and be good it. I guarantee, if you do not do it early as possible you’ll regret the action you did not take for the rest of your live. Be smart and respect the money and the money will respect you more. Remember the money game is serious game you can learn with effort and dedication. Don’t be afraid of, to take a risk when you know what you are doing.

Seek out new business opportunities, knock the doors of those who went through and get success in life. Ignore those who failed and wants to be there. Be around people are fulfilled their goals and then you can feel it. You cannot create business, you are the business, if you are busy and produce income then you are business person for definition. Architects need move forward of the mindset of solo-practitioner and move to the next level, this level where you can have freedom in any aspect of your personal and professional life. I love what Tony Robbins says, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. For you to set goal in business and personal life is the beginning of your success, no doubt about it.

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