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OBHArch+Urban (Ep01)

In OBHA Studio LLC, we love to practice architecture and urban design as good team sport. With right mindset, agile, great management, and successful strategic in our goals and dreams in our design ideas, we understand that every key components of our Studio have an amazing contribution to create. For that reason, team members - from intern to the partners / collaborators - are 100% integrated with our projects, client's portfolio, and the general public.

Our Services

We work closely with Designer, Real Estate Developers, State/ Local Governments, Private Lenders, and Consultants on the very important issues for the community that are transform our neighborhood and other part of the city . Integrated and Sustainable design practices, the reshaping of urban areas, the organization and equilibrium between private places and public space, the new seek out of new effective technologies; we are fully capable in making better environments for working living, and entertainment. Our services for our clients can go from Architectural to Urban Design, from a consultation of Real Estate to Property Management.

  • Architecture

  • Master Planning

  • Urban Design

  • Real Estate Assessment

  • Real Estate Marketing

  • Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • Construction Supervission

  • Construction Estimate

  • 2D/3D Professional Rederings

  • Interior Design

  • Marketing

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